frequently asked questions

Our regular customer discount (at least 5% from products and services) is for clients who “Like” our Facebook page. In addition, the Like must be public because if it’s not, even we can’t see it and don’t know if we should give you a discount.

No. The price is the same. Sometimes you can get a preprinted picture that has a lower price. You can get information on these offers from our Facebook page.

It depends on the operation system of your computer. For example Windows op-system shows this info when you hover over the file with your mouse. Right clicking on the file and choosing properties shows even more information.

Photopaper is paper, like the ones in photo albums or framed behind the glass on the wall. There are clip-frames where there is no real frame, only glass. Or a frame without a glass.

Photocanvas is a fabric. It is already stretched to an inner frame that can’t be seen from the front or the sides. Usually these canvases are not framed afterwards but you can get a  floating frame from specific shops.

We recommend to read the descriptions of the materials. If that didn’t help it is wise to send us your photo and we can recommend a material that suits best for it.

Yes of course, you can put it together youself, or let us do it for you. Collages with up to four pictures are without additional fees. Bigger collages need some more time and thus these cost by agreement.

Yes, you can. But if you do it yourself, please don’t save the file in .jpg format. For example .png and .tif are more suitable for this. Another option is letting us do it.

This problem can be solved in many ways. 1) Find it from Adobe Stock (1 picture costs 10 €). 2) Send us a description of what you want. We’ll put together a personal gallery or you.

Yes, of course, we’ll gladly do it ourselves. With no additional fees. The problem with longer panoramas is that the photo could end up with not enough pixels or some important parts of the picture could go missing with the cutting.

It doesn’t matter with printing on the photopaper, the most important is that it is suitable for the frame, so make sure you always measure the frame, because it may not be the same size as it should be.

For photocanvas the only limitations are the frames. The maximum dimensions we have are 51 x 102 cm and minimum is 20 x 20 cm.

Yes and no. You can put a canvas to your bathroom but in that case it should be polyester. Cotton canvas stretches in humid environment. But whatever the material, we don’t recommend to put a canvas near a constantly wet place.

When we deliver the product personally, or you come to pick it up, then it is packed in a thin layer of film. This protects your picture from rain and fingerprints. Products sent via post or courier are carefully packed to avoid any damage.

The maximum dimensions of Itella Smartpost parcel terminal are 36 x 60 cm and for Omniva terminal 38 x 64 cm. Parcels over these limits are sent via Cargobus, post office or courier.

No, you can receive them from a nearest Cargobus terminal or parcel point.

Picture size calculators

NB! The numbers you will get are recommended by us but there are some clients who have been content with much smaller pixel density.
The final satisfaction with the product depends solely on your own level of criticism.

How big can my picture be?

How many pixels do you need for a certain picture size?