Other publications

Decals offer you a good and budget-friendly alternative for wallpaintings and designed wallpapers.

Different pictures, text or ornaments can be an easy opportunity to decorate your home. Write us about your wishes and in a matter of days you can have your idea on your wall! There are no standard dimensions – the decal can be as big as needed.
The decals are printed on a transparent PVC-film and for achieving UV-protection and washability they are laminated. They can be placed on coloured walls, glass, plastic, metal and most wallpapers. The surface must be light-coloured, smooth, clean and dry.

Prices by agreement.

In addition to canvas and wallpapers we offer you various publications.

Invitations, labels, posters, business cards etc.
We offer different papers and materials. The selection is improving constantly.
We can print small amounts or even one copy at a time.

For more information ask us: info@helevalge.eu or call +372 557 1112.